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ชื่องาน: The Improving Decryption Process of RSA by Choosing New Private Key

วารสาร/งานประชุมวิชาการ: International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

ระดับ: นานาชาติ

ปี: 2016

สถานะผู้เขียน: ผู้เขียนหลัก

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RSA is the best well – known and the most widely
used of public key cryptosystem. The advantage of this algorithm
is that the senders who have the public key and the receivers who
have private key can communicate each other via the unsecured
channel secretly. However, the processes of RSA have to take
very great computation cost especially in the decryption process.
In this paper, the improving decryption process of RSA, is called
New Private Key of RSA (d-RSA),is proposed to reduce the
computation cost of the decryption process. The key is to find the
new private key, which has low Hamming weight while the values
of public key and modulus are not changed. With the low
Hamming weight, it implies that the computation cost of
decryption process of d-RSA is certainly reduced when compared
with the same process which has the higher Hamming weight in
RSA. Furthermore, it implies that not only the private key which
is the inverse of public key modulo Euler function but also the
other keys that can decrypt the ciphertext. In addition, with
reducing computation cost, the proposed method is the better
choice when low power devices are chosen to decrypt the


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